Qualified Notaries Are In Demand!

Cash In on the Refi Boom of 2015 and Generate a Comfortable Income with Your California Notary Commission

March 24, 2023, from the desk of Matthew Valera

Lending companies are generously paying $150-$500 per hour to competent mobile notaries who are simply willing to check their documents twice, make sure everything is complete, signatures and initials are collected and can ensure documents get sent back immediately after the appointment.

If you’re currently commissioned as a California notary public but have yet to build a lucrative business performing loan signings, then please the next few minutes to read this entire letter, as it could have a significant impact on your short-term income and long term financial outlook.

The current economic and lending conditions have made competent notaries a hot commodity, which means opportunity to create a business that allows you to start on a shoestring budget, assuming you have a reliable source of transportation, a printer, you’re bonded and possess a notary stamp, certificates and a journal.

Sounds Easy, Right...

But there is a catch -- most California notaries just make use of their notary commission at the office for some standard procedures and don’t realize there’s such an opportunity outside of this.

In fact, since you’re reading this, it puts you in the minority of those intelligent enough to recognize opportunity when presented with it.


Don’t Know Where to Begin?

I recognize there’s a good chance that you found this page because you were looking for some answers, some resources that can assist you. You may be a new notary or perhaps you’ve just never started your own business before. Or you may have questions related to loan documents, notarial law or how to market a successful notary service.

I want you to know that while there are various resources to get the answers you need, the one thing that you do not have, but will most certainly need is confidence.

The confidence to properly launch your business, accept signings and flawlessly execute so that your customers deploy a powerful word of mouth campaign that will resonate with both the lenders and signing services that are looking to pay good money to talented notaries just like you.

Confidence only comes with experience, but there is a rarely used, industry hack to accelerate all of these steps for you…   

If the idea of making a nice income as a notary sounds great, but just feels out of reach, or if you feel hopelessly lost when it comes to the actual business practices, marketing principles and notarial expertise that’s required, then I have to admit, I know exactly what you're going through.

But First, Are You Serious About Changing
Your Current Situation?

There's nothing more frustrating than being filled with a strong DESIRE to make a positive change, to improve your financial situation, taking the steps, getting the notarial training and commission, only for it to kick you in the teeth and make you feel foolish.

If you're like most people, you probably started with good intentions to create a nice little mobile notary business, but stalled when you realized that you’re on your own. That the lenders are counting on you for the loan documentation to be water-tight so they can be resold in the secondary market with no issues.

And if you’re like many starting out in business that find it intimidating. It can make you question yourself, if YOU can do this. All while, time goes on and those notary supplies that you spent good money on are just sitting in a locked back in your closet, collecting dust, not signatures.

Or even worse, you've completely abandoned your notary commission entirely... knowing that there is a great business opportunity right at your fingertips, but with no clear path or method around how to actually bring it to life and give it that spark to ignite your practice.

What’s Holding YOU Back?

You still need to go through the learning process, to learn from your failures, from trial and error. Knowing that there’s no replacement for experience, wouldn't it be nice to have a mentor??? Someone who can walk you through everything from the intricacies of notarial law, to basic procedures for your first signing, to marketing and accounting best practices for your new small business. A well-known and highly regarded expert who has a proven track record when it comes to instruction -- hands on training on all aspects of a mobile notary business.

Most importantly, someone who puts food on his family’s table by walking the walk… not just someone who notarizes part-time, or worse, a paid actor/instructor reading from a script they were handed, faking it until YOU make it. You’ll find none of that here.


What Students Are Saying...

I highly recommend Matthew's notary training. He prepared me for the "real-world" of notary - not just the test-taking - but how best to lead the client through the signing, handle questions succinctly, and avoid common pitfalls. In a nutshell, Matthew teaches notary professionalism, and that leads to happy clients and repeat business.

- John Dodge, CA Notary Public

I wanted to be a certified loan signing agent. Matt took the time to train me one on one and allowed me to shadow him on a signing. I'm grateful for his expertise. I strongly recommend his services to train new signing agents.

- Jewel Carter, Certified Notary Signing Agent

Matthew Valera was an excellent teacher and a very experienced and skilled Notary Public. I would highly recommend his services to anyone that asked.

- Jupiter Henry, CA Notary Public

Matthew''s legacy of experience and detailed knowledge of the many types of Loan Documents used provided the level of training I needed to launch my own Notary business. Matthew can be counted on as a master for all Notarial Services.

- Rosemary Wylde, Notary Signing Agent

The Proven Guidance You Need

If you’re ready to grab your little slice of the pie, today is your lucky day to accelerate the entire process! What I’m making available here, to the general public, for the first time outside of high end, one-on-one coaching sessions, is all of the guidance, feedback and know-how to get you up and running, out on signings and walking you through the process so you’re confident and excited to continue to grow your notary business.

You have every reason to be skeptical when it comes to any business building services... but in a moment you'll see how it all works, and why it is an entirely unique system, resembling nothing you've ever seen before! Simply keep reading.

My name is Matthew Valera and while I've been a California Notary Public for the last 18 years, I have spent the last 10 years as a full-time mobile notary and notary signing agent in the San Francisco Bay Area. My business is highly rated by the BBB and I have glowing testimonials online, since customer service always comes first.

What also deserves mention is that I spent X years as a top-rated instructor for the largest notary association in the United States, the National Notary Association. My ratings were based on my students’ success and I even trained many of my fellow, up and coming instructor colleagues.

And in the past two years, I’ve test a unique mentoring process, using a formulaic process where my clients have reported back to me their results and feedback… A process that has been called a “complete game changer” for their business...


Today, if you’re serious about having ‘game-changing’ results, I offer you the shortcut you've been looking for...

What I've proven over and over in my own business and in my clients' businesses is that the easiest and most reliable way to ramp up your mobile notary business is to simplify and follow a process. A process that I can literally hand you from my experience, walk you through, answer your questions and help you repeat the successes.

It's literally the difference between sporadically making a few extra bucks from notarizations to a full-time income kind of result. And when you apply it in your business, you can dive in and ramp up with the confidence of an experienced professional.

This means that you'll get in, get out of assignments and grow your signing business. I'll literally walk you through the steps, telling you exactly what to do and how to do it.

Let me walk you through exactly how the my Notary Signing Agent Mentoring program works.


Fast Track Your Business By Hands-On Learning and Mentoring From  An Industry Expert and Experienced California Notary Signing Agent

Our program is designed to advance your confidence and competence to know the law and industry as a whole to build a successful business.

We assist Notaries Public to establish local small business practices based on specialized legal and industry knowledge. Based on Bay Area Notary’s experience we provide individualized and tailored business strategies.

Here are some of the topics covered in our mentoring:

  • Notarial Best Practices
  • Familiarization with Common Loan Documents
  • Pre-Signing Loan Package Prep Work to Ensure a Successful Signing
  • Professional Communication and Practices with Clients
  • Handling Adverse Situations
  • Notary Do's and Don'ts -- Addressing Questions without Giving Advice
  • Reviewing the Documents at the Signing -- Processes for Ensuring Accuracy
  • My Personal Rolodex of Signing Services to Sign Up with and Get Business From
  • Book Keeping and Important Tax Considerations
  • Marketing Your Notary Signing Agent Business

All Inclusive Notary Signing Agent Mentoring

Our mentorship is a community-based experience for Notaries Public interested in learning proper execution of loan document signings. We aim to assist you in acquiring enough knowledge and skills to become comfortable to conduct loan signings.

Each person’s skill level will differ and it is ultimately your responsibility to perform your duties as a notary and loan signing agent while always adhering to all applicable laws. We provide hands on – in the field training with the understanding that your business success depends on your performance at each signing.

Let's Look At What's Included...

  • 3 hour private consultation session

    One-on-one consultation conducted via phone or in person

  • Live training session

    Includes one live signing as an observer

  • Pre and Post detailed breakdowns of the signing

    Includes a question and answer session

  • Industry informational and study guide

    Includes reference materials

  • Up to 5 hours total training time

    In addition to ongoing private group support

  • Ongoing private group support

    Private peer and mentor group access for on-demand support and ongoing interaction

3 Hours of Private Consultation Sessions

Phone or in-person assessment and problem-solving session tailored to your individual needs. We will cater these to expand your basic knowledge of the industry, and give you an overview of what is involved in a loan signing.  We will assess your skills and determine how much additional training and knowledge you would need to become a successful Notary Signing Agent, ready to perform signings with competence and increased confidence.

We will also include information to advance your knowledge of Notary law and the Notary Signing Agent industry.

Live Training Sessions

After a phone assessment, we will plan out how to best address your growth as a Notary Signing Agent.  Single sessions are available to learn what is involved with becoming a Notary Signing Agent and to teach techniques used, to be a successful signing professional.  The training sessions can be conducted at once or in designated time increments agreed upon by Bay Area Notary and mentee.

Live training sessions will include attending a live signing as an observer and 30 minute pre and 30 minute post breakdowns of the signing and Q & A. Depending on level of experience as determined by consultant, you may be eligible to observe, assist or complete a signing under the supervision of a seasoned professional.

Pre and Post Detailed Breakdown of the Signing

A Pre-Signing breakdown will get you fully prepped with a confidence injection so you are ready and in control for your signing. We'll review the loan docs so that you understand where all of the signature and initial lines reside, the notarial certificate language for legality, as well as go over any stipulations that may be required for the loan signing, such as collection of any funds.

Once the signing is complete, a Post-Signing deconstruction will allow you to ask any questions that you had from the signing, as I review your work and ensure that the assignment is properly completed in a timely manner.

Industry Informational and Study Guide Materials

As a mentee, you'll receive some critical reference material for industry professionals. The study guide and reference materials cover best practices, California Notary Public Code, further education related to loan documents and other resources that any Notary Signing Agent Professional would not be without.

That's Up to 5 Hours of Live Hands on Training

As you can see, this is a hands-on, full immersion mentoring program that goes way beyond theory. You'll be earning while you learn and I'll be there to guide you as you go.

Private Access to Group Support

You'll receive exclusive access to my private Facebook mentoring group, where you'll be able to receive ongoing support from our Bay Area Notary group. You'll have direct access to me and the entire community whenever you need help.

The Right Fit For YOU

By now you're probably wondering how much of an investment the Notary Signing Agent Mentoring program is going to be.

And that's a fair question given that in the past, this type of transformational and experiential training was simply not available.

However, the reason I created the Notary Signing Agent Mentoring programs is to make this life changing information available to Notaries who wants to leverage the incredible opportunity in the current market conditions.

But the opportunity is limited, as this is hands on, real-life training and mentoring, so I can only take a small handful of clients.

We both know that successful people are decisive, so I trust that you’ll know if this is the right fit for you. If so, we offer the following flexible payment options:

One-Time Payment
    Reserve Your Spot

    Save when you pay in full with this single payment option

    3-Pay Option
      Reserve Your Spot

      This flexible payment option will be spread out over three months


      As this is my life's work, in helping others through my mentoring to see them succeed, I stand behind my program, guaranteeing your satisfaction.

      Get Started, Apply Today To Reserve Your Spot

      If you want to start growing your Notary Signing Agent business, just click the "Reserve Your Spot" button below and complete the brief application. I'll personally contact you within 48 business hours if you're approved.

      Look you've fumbled through trying to get your Notary Signing Agent business for long enough. The good news is that the Notary Signing Agent Mentoring program gives you a proven step-by-step plan to start from ground zero and grow your business through mastering the fundamentals to gaining practical experience and repeating successes.

      Just imagine what it would be like to have a Notary Signing Agent business that supplements or replaces your current primary income source -- a true business that you can build to add security to your lifestyle.

      That's what I want for you, and I know it's what you want for yourself, so apply to join me today!

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