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Monthly Archives: December 2014

What Is An Acceptable ID for Notarization?

Notaries are confronted with improper identification documents all the time. Signers are often misinformed or just don’t care when it comes to showing an ID to get their document notarized.  Although the laws are different in every state, a notary always has to “properly” identify a signer before they can notarize a signer’s document.  It […]

Loan Modifications Often Damage Credit Scores

Carolyn Said, SF Chronicle Staff Writer Sunday, May 23, 2010 Struggling homeowners who get a loan modification to reduce their mortgage payments are often unaware that it can seriously ding their credit score. Moreover, if they don’t get long-term help, the temporary loan mod can bury them in a deeper hole of debt that increases […]

Identification For Notarizations – Always A Difficult Decision

How many of you have been at a signing ready to sign with a client only to find that they do not have a valid identification. This surprisingly happens with some degree of regularity. Borrowers sometimes present expired drivers license without knowing it or are just not aware that notaries are unable to except an […]